What is Air Conditioning

What is Air Conditioning?

At OC residential air-conditioning  we filled important to explain what air-conditioning is.

Air conditioning is the process both temperature and humidity to be changed to more desirable conditions. More generally air-conditioning can refer to any form of process of heating ventilation that modifies the condition of air.

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Normally an air conditioner is a major home appliance, system or mechanism designed to change the temperature of the air and humidity. By doing nests makes living more comfortable. In the industry we sometimes refer to air-conditioning and heating as capital HVAC.

The basics behind air-conditioning come from ancient Egypt where reads were hung in Windows so that water could trickle down. The water would evaporate while air blew across them to lean people and bringing down the heat to a more desirable level. Inkjet realm had aqueducts where the water was circulated through the walls of certain houses to cool them down. Persia’s techniques involved wind towers to cool buildings during the hot season. We now have modern air-conditioning which came from chemistry of the 19th century the first large-scale air conditioner was made in 1911 by Mr. carrier. In the 1920s residential homes starting to get their commissioners for the great Sunbelt migration.

Just to clarify what air-conditioning is. Air-conditioning is the removal of heat from one area to another. Your home’s AC  absorbs heat through a coil filled with Freon which transports it outside to another coil which then releases the heat. That’s why when you hold your hand over your outdoor air conditioning condenser you will feel hot air. That warm air is the heat from your home being removed and expelled outside. Using this method a heat pump does the same thing but in reverse. If you hold your hand above the outdoor air conditioning condenser you will feel colder air and that’s the heat being removed from outside and transported inside.

There’s been a lot of debate, talk, frustration about R 12 Freon which is now in 90% of all homes but is quickly being phased out by the government.

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