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Home service calls $69

Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrician, Water Heaters

(Pricing is the same 24 hours)

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Sorry we do not have sales people

Also dispatch persons are not tech’s please

do not ask for them to guess on pricing, all

pricing will be given before work starts.

Phone 817-381-6668

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Fort Worth and Tarrant

(we are located in Keller)

Most Trusted.

Experience Masters vs Journeyman

Experience is everything,  and the place most people get scammed.  Here is how, In the great state of Texas the state laws still do

esn’t require Master Level technicians to go to a residents. That is right!  In Texas the “Doctor vs. Nurse” debate lingers on with no change in site. Here is the link to the TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) . That’s right a Master Electrician need 12,000 hours and pass the state certification and here is where you can check there ID. The scary part is over 90% of the Techs being sent by these companies ARE NOT MASTERS but rather apprentices and or Journeymen. And yes we do acknowledge that there are a lot of skilled Journeymen out there. But it is a verified fact that using Journeymen instead of Masters leave a companies skill level sub-par.

Our company has never sent out a truck to someone home with out a Master. That itself puts us above the rest. The good thing about Texas is that they make it easy to check using the TDLR website. We have less then 10% call backs. When they can fix it they just have you replace it. So they still make there profit but at our expense.


Multi-Services Advantage.

Did you know its to your benefit to use a Multi-Service type company. The reason why is simple, more work. The reason why quality is so much better is the pressure from the other trades. All the trades have a symbiotic relationship, whereas if one tech puts in a water heater at a good value than there will be a return call for the A/C when service is needed. Therefore, referral remains to be the best business model.

Warranty Advantage.

This is where we clean house. Not only is our minimal warranty 5 years , but most of the time its 10 years. That’s an in-house,  no questions asked warranty. We keep a complete file on every customer that can request a full copy at any time. There will be no more asking “Why you can’t find your receipt?”. We keep a full in-house warranty on everything. That means 100% we do not use fractions here. Your not 40% covered after 3 years. We have no time for those types of games! Your covered…

Staff Demeanor

We have no jobs here only careers. Our staff is educated, respected, happy and it shows. Happiness seems to be all but gone in the work place and that being said, we have changed that by simply doing what’s right.


200 S Main St, keller tx