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Experience Masters vs Journeyman

When hiring a technician to work on your house, be sure of one thing…Experience is Everything!  This is an area where many people get scammed and has cost the unaware customer unnecessary repairs. In the great state of Texas, our laws still don’t require Master Level technicians to go to a residence. In other words, the “Doctor vs. Nurse” debate lingers on with no change in site in Texas. According to Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, a Master Electrician needs 12,000 hours of on-the-job training and must successfully pass the state certification. (Here is where you can check their ID.http://www.license.state.tx.us/electricians/elecfaq.htm .  It’s alarming to know that over 90% of the technicians that are being sent out by these companies ARE NOT MASTERS but either apprentices and or journeymen. Although we do acknowledge that there are a lot of skilled journeymen out there, it is a verified fact that using journeymen instead of master leaves a company’s skill level sub-par. OC 21 Services has never sent out a technician to a customer’s home without a Master’s certification. This fact itself puts us above the rest. Because we are master technicians, we have less than a 10% call back on our work and possess the qualifications to make the necessary repairs. The journeyman or the apprentice may lack the EXPERIENCE to make a repair and suggest that the customer order a whole new unit. Obviously, this will cost the customer a lot more time and money all because a master technician did not perform the proper diagnosis. Beware of this scam!


Most of the time you call OcResidentialService.com, you will be talking to your technician and not a dispatcher. When you call from the area that needs work, the phone is directed to the tech that is next available in your area. You will be talking to and scheduling with the person who will be assisting you with your needs. Hard to believe? Well, it’s true. We do this because it is more efficient to cut out the middleman and the mistakes that follow. By doing this, over 7% of customers can get fixed for free. That’s Right 7% of calls are a simple fix that can be done right over the phone, for free! No more miscommunications. Our customers are our priority.

Multi-Services Advantage.

Did you know its to your benefit to use a Multi-Service type company. The reason why is simple, more work. The reason why quality is so much better is the pressure from the other trades. All the trades have a symbiotic relationship, whereas if one tech puts in a water heater at a good value than there will be a return call for the A/C when service is needed. Therefore, referral remains to be the best business model.

Warranty Advantage.

This is where we clean house. Not only is our minimal warranty 5 years, but most of the time it’s 10 years. That’s an in-house, no questions asked warranty. We keep a complete file on every customer that can request a full copy at any time. There will be no more asking, “Why you can’t find your receipt?” We keep a full in-house warranty on everything. That means 100% and we do not use fractions here. You’re not 40% covered after 3 years but 100% for the time of the warranty. We have no time for those types of games! You’re covered…

Staff Demeanor

At OC 21 Services, we do not have employees…WE HAVE PARTNERS. Our team is educated, dedicated, respected, and happy and we show it. We believe in pride of ownership where all staff is part of something rewarding. Because of this, our staff will show great pride in their work and give our customers the best experience possible.

21 Services for the 21st Century

As a company that provides many services to a changing world, we make it one of our priorities to keep up with all the new technologies and trends in all the trades in order to benefit our customers. Furthermore, we have an electronic database of all our customers and the service we provided to better serve you in the future. With OC 21 Services, we also provide paperless transactions that help streamline the process, help keep our records safe and organized, and help keep our planet clean. Our website is here to benefit our customers and will provide additional savings to you (coming soon).

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  1. Oc Services is the best around you guys are clean and professional. Thanks for fixing my AC unit, It works great! Jerry you are the man, I will be calling OC Services in the future.

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