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Innovation is a way of life at Carrier Logo. Our expert air conditioning and heating engineers focus on using intelligent design and technology to develop efficient, precisely engineered Carrier Logo heating and cooling systems. Here are a few Carrier Logo of the superior innovations we’ve developed to make your home more comfortable.

Infinity System

The revolutionary Infinity® System is the epitome of Carrier engineering. Infinity is the only system you can buy that allows you to control temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed, and ventilation; and even detects when your air filter needs replacing.

Greenspeed™ intelligence

Carrier is taking heating and cooling to a higher degree with Greenspeed™ intelligence. The latest innovation from Carrier, Greenspeed intelligence maximizes the performance of adaptable-speed technology products paired with the Infinity® control, giving homeowners optimal comfort while reducing the use of energy so alway look for the Carrier Logo.

Hybrid Heat

Choosing a heating & cooling system for your home is a big decision, so make sure it’s the right one. With a Hybrid Heat™ system’s long-term savings, energy-efficient design and year-round comfort, just look for the Carrier Logo  and the choice isn’t just easy —it’s obvious.

Ductless Split Systems

Carrier logo® ductless systems are an easy solution to bring comfort to rooms without ductwork or with hot or cold spots. More than just a comfort solution, these innovative systems are a high-efficiency alternative to other room-by-room products like window air conditioners.

Puron Refrigerant – The Environmentally Sound Refrigerant

At Carrier, we like to be a step ahead. We were the first to use environmentally sound, efficient and high-performing Puron® Refrigerant in a full line of  and  systems.


Add a Carrier logo humidifier and Infinity Control to your heating and cooling system and enjoy IdealHumidity™–the Carrier innovation that controls your home’s humidity level even when the system isn’t actively heating or cooling.


Carrier ComfortHeat™ technology allows your furnace to maintain temperatures consistently by running longer, quieter heating cycles so one last time look for the Carrier logo.

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